Mozilla has already announced the official release of the latet FireFox 3.1 Beta 2. This latest version of FireFox introduces new features but the most noteworthy would probably be the private browsing feature.

Firefox 3.1, which is codenamed Shiretoko, will include many improvements and several important features that were originally planned for the 3.0 release but were deferred for various reasons. Mozilla released the first 3.1 alpha in July with some new CSS features, AwesomeBar completion enhancements, and a new user interface for switching between tabs. The second alpha, which arrived in September, introduced support for the HTML 5 video element.

The most noteworthy addition to Firefox 3.1 is its private browins mode why is similar to Goggle Chromes’ incognito mode. Private browsing mode can be toggled by selecting an item on the browser’s Tools menu. When the mode is activated, the browser will save and close the user’s current session and display an empty window with the private browsing launch screen. The screen also has a button that will allow users to clear their recent history. When the user disengages private browsing mode, their previous session will be fully restored and the browser will not retain a record of what the user did while private browsing mode was active. I have tested the feature extensively in nightly builds leading up to this release, and I have found it to be reliable and effective.

For more information about FireFox 3.1, you can take a look at its official release and you can also download FireFox 3.1 Beta 2 in Mozillas official website.

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