nokia n900 rover rx51 hands on reviewNokia is rocking the smartphone world with it’s new Maemo N900 touch screen phone. It seems like everyone have their eye’s on on this phone, and probably having these questions on their heads.

  • Will Maemo 5 perform well on this phone?
  • What are the killer features it have?
  • How portable the N900 is?
  • How does it compare to the iPhone?
  • What are the specs of the N900
  • Will it replace the my current N97?
  • Will it blend?

In order to have a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the N900 we have review it’s features.

  • The Nokia N900 is Web Ready – It is designed to replace your netbook. Powered with a Mozilla based browser (like firefox ) running on Maemo 5,  you can browse the web in multiple windows on it’s high resolution LCD on HSPDA and WLAN connections. Enjoy online videos and games with it’s Internet Applications, AJAX and Adobe Flash support using touch gestures and full QWERTY sliding keyboard.
  • Email, Calendar and Contact Management – You can merge skype contacts into a complete all-in-one address book (not sure if you can also cobine yahoo, and google contacts with it) and synchronize it to Outlook. Manage multiple accounts may it be Yahoo Mail, G-Mail or other email provider and with it’s Push Email (Exchange) support the N900 will shake the corporate world.
  • Ovi Maps, Photography and Multimedia – The Maemo 5 Media Player supports multiple music and video files, so you can watch any type of movies and listen to plenty of songs saved on it’s 32 GB storage. The 5 megapixel camera captures stunning photos and 16:9 videos. Although it have an automatic geotagging feature you can tag it with keywords for easy retrieval. You can find your destination and search for places on the latest Ovi Maps included in the N900.

With such features the N900 is not your ordinary smartphone it’s now comparable to a portable computer, thanks to Maemo 5.

Full Specifications

  • Networks: Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA 900/1700/2100
  • Display: 3.5-inch WVGA (800 x 480) resistive touchscreen display
  • Camera: 5.0 MP Carl Zeiss camera with dual-LED flash, auto-focus and sliding cover
  • Operating system: Maemo 5 OS
  • Input: Portrait-orientation sliding QWERTY, touchscreen
  • CPU: ARM cortex A8 processor
  • Memory: 32GB internal memory
  • Memory card: MicroSDHC support up to 16G
  • Connectivity:    Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth with A2DP, 3.5mm AV connector, Micro-USB, TV out
  • Media Supportc:  .wav, .mp3, .AAC, .eAAC, .wma, .m4a mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp; codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263
  • Battery: 1320 mAh battery
  • Dimensions:     110.9 × 59.8 × 18mm
  • Weight: 181g
  • Other Features: FM transmitter, Mozilla-based browser, full Adobe Flash support, limitless applications with Maemo 5 OS.

Now where’s the TV tuner, voice changer, and micro projector?, I guess that’s too much to ask for an already powerful device.

The N900 is release in the last Nokia event happened this September 2009 and the guys at techradar had a hands on review of the N900 and according to them the over-all design looks slick but they mentioned that it’s a chucky hell-of-a-phone, the Maemo OS is a sweet experience, and  the processor is fast enough to enable multitasking. Although I personally see N900 as a mobile computer, techradar disagrees and noted that “it’s a smartphone and a very good one at that”. (link to the hands on review)

Wapreview had also said that the N900 is not a MID but the article is posted last May – too early to speculate. The only comprehensive review of the Nokia N900 so far is mobile-review’s article and it boils down to these pros and cons.

Positive Impressions (Pros)

  • Compared to S60, the N900’s boot time is much faster
  • Visual interface effects gives an iPhone feel to it
  • Stable browser supporting flash video and applets.
  • The phone’s 800×480 pixel resistive screen is responsive enough
  • The phone’s GPS department seemed well-tuned

Negative Impressions (Cons)

  • Occasional reboots during the review
  • There is partial compatibility with older applications, some things work and some don’t, some of them required libraries the device didn’t have.

Despide the couple of quirks, mobile-review praised the N900 and quoted out that “it’s the true mobile powerhouse in every sense of this word, that comes wrapped in a very eye-candy and functional UI at that. It won’t become a hit, but at the same time the N900 is a milestone both for Nokia and the industry that won’t just go unnoticed.”

If you like the N900, feel free to post a comment, I’m sure someone out there who also like it wan’t to hear something from you.

The October European release of the N900 is getting near and this touchscreen phone (also known as RX51 or Rover) is already available at Nokia store US for $650 but on it’s European release it will be priced at 550 euro. So far it’s really early to see an accurate review of the N900. If you’re eying for the N97 mini or other smartphones better wait up, the N900 is so promising and there will be more accurate user-experience reviews weeks after it’s official release.

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