So what is this Android? it is a suite of software for mobile phones based on open-source technology, backed by some of the largest industry companies in the world, some of them are Google, HTC, Motorola, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Intel, Texas Instruments, SiRF Technology Holdings, Marvell Technology Group, Nvidia and Synaptics. EBay (which owns the Internet calling service Skype) and Nuance Communications. They call themselves the Open Handset Alliance (OHA?).

Google just released the Android 0.9 SDK Beta which represents the first formal release on the path to Android 1.0. Users will notice some major UI updates, including a new widget-enhanced home screen, a tab to pull up apps, a camera and a media player. There are also a whole slew of API upgrades that should significantly enhance usability beside the bug fixes. Any further changes between this version and the final release version are expected to be small.

Some say that Android is going to be the iPhone Killer, some say its not. I guess we just have to wait and see until it comes out. They say that it is going to be launch this Nov but rumors say that it is going to earlier thatn that, probably october.

If you want to take a look at an in-depth video tour, Gizmodo made one.

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