Just in case you’ve forgotten, the T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone said to rival Apples iPhone. The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone to have Android. Introduced just barely a month ago the G1 is now on its way to their new owners house. There were also a “glitch” before on their website that says the G1 were already sold out before, but thank goodness it was just a “glitch” on their site.

T-Mobile is now shipping the G1 via UPS 3-day delivery.So if you ordered your T-Mobile G1 then you might want to check out the UPS Website for a tracking number and shipping date. There are already some who confirmed that they already have their shipping infromation and with the 3-day delivery, they can get their hands on a new T-Mobile G1 in as early as the 17th of this month. [via Phandroid]

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