Aple’s “Let’s Rock” Event kicked off yesterday and jut as expected, Apple introduced their new line of iPod Nanos and iPod Touches, a new version of iTunes and the latest Firmware for the iPhone, they also presented some new accesories for the new iPod and iPhone. Digg’s Kevin Rose was the first to make some predictions regarding the new products Apple is releasing on yesterdays event. And from the looks of it, Kevin rose was on the spot about the new iPod Nano to the slight changes in the iPod Touch, the iTunes 8.0 and the new firmwares for the iPhone. I have found a summarized version of Apple’s “Let’s Rock Event from MacHoe.

iPod Nano

The new iPod Nanos matches up with the recent rumors circulating around it.

– Considered the thinnest iPod ever
– Enhanced UI (user interface)
– Accelerometer to detect tilt
– Shake iPod to shuffle
– Genius playlist built in
– Aluminum with curved glass
– Battery: 24 hours for music. 4 hours for video.
– $149 for 8GB. $199 for 16GB.
– 9 Colors: silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, black

The 8GB will be available today, while the 16GB should be available by next week.

Apple also updated the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle:

– The iPod classic would now only come in a 120GB model, replacing the 160GB and 80GB models that are currently available.
– The iPod shuffles have been revamped with new colors but the same price and storage.

iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch is now sporting a curved back, just like the iPhone, but retaining the same storage capacities. Some of its features include:

– 2.1 Firmware
– Built-in speaker, volume controls
– Genius playlist
– Nike+iPod support
– Battery: 36 hours for music, 6 hours for video.
– $229 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB, $399 for 32GB

The 2.1 upgrade will be available for free for current iPod Touch owners with Firmware 2.0. The new iPod Touch will be available later today.

iTunes 8.0

The new iTunes 8.0 is now available with a number of new features including:

– Support for High Definition TV shows
– $1.99 for Standard Definition episodes
– $2.99 for High Definition episodes
– Genius playlists: automatically find similar songs in your collection
– Available today

Apple also announced that NBC has returned to iTunes, so popular shows such as Heroes and The Office will be available.

iTunes 8.0 is now available at Apple. Clicking on the download link will download iTunes 8.0 (though it’s still labeled as iTunes 7.7). iTunes 8.0 requires QuickTime 7.5.5 which was also released today.

iPhone 2.1 Firmware

Along with the other announcements, the iPhone 2.1 firmware will be released this Friday as a free update. The much anticipated version of the new firmware upgrade will address many of the issues that have been plaguing iPhone users. Some of the changes include:

– Better battery life
– Fewer call drops
– Bug fixes
– Faster backups to iTunes
– No App crashes

The iPhone 2.1 firmware will presumably support the same Genius playlist features described in the new iPod Touches.

New Accesories

Along with the new iPods and software updates. Apple also annonuced new accesories and so far the one which is currently making an impression is the new In-Ear Headphones

-Dual drivers (woofer + tweeter)
-Only $79

[via MacHoe]

note: Although the thought of having these new Apple products can really be exciting, we shouldn’t get carried away specially when it come to software updates, I have already found an issue with the new iTune 8.0 from Vista users. As I always say when it come to these software updates, it is better to wait and see some reviews from other users than being one of the first to download and be one of the first to experience its bug or problems, better wait for a few more days right?

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