Google’s new open source browsers is for PC’s today but Google co-founder Sergey Brin believes that Chrome will make its way into Android in one form or another. Chrome and Android’s current browser both already employ WebKit, an open-source project for the process of interpreting the HTML code that makes up a Web page and rendering it on a screen.

According to an interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the two projects will start working together more closely now that both are approached 1.0 releases, with the Android browser adopting much of Chrome’s inner workings. He also expects the mobile browser to pick up a new name to indicate the relation to it’s bigger brother.

“Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack,” Brin said, pointing to JavaScript improvements as one area. [via Cnet]

The only thing missing is the name, Sergey Brin also said that it will likely take on a new name to indicate its mobile status, maybe something like Chromobile? Chrome Mobile?

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