After the Success of Kawasaki Fury 125, Kawasaki Motor Corporation Philippines (KMCP) Introduced a new revised version, the Fury R (the “R” i think stands for “revision”). The Fury 125 is such a hit that you almost see one on every street. With it’s competitive price it knocked out the famous Honda XRM.

Looking at the photo of Fury 125 and Fury R, you’ll notice few difference.

fury125 white largekawasaki fury r

The most noticeable is the decals, it now looks simple and a lot cleaner, also a bit aggressive and cool. They removed the tribal design and add a basic style which makes the new design looks clean.  And yes it comes with enkei mags, which makes is a lot sporty but heavier compared to the previous model. Some might not like it because of the additional weight, but you only need it light when you race. The new rear disk breaks gives the Fury R more stopping power, you’ll also notice that the swing arm and telescopic fork is  black powder coated, also the chasis is now aluminum coated.

Basically, the new Kawasaki Fury R is a great revision to the already awesome Fury 125. If you already own the previous model stick to it, unless you really need that disk break and mags. If they atlease update the displacement to at least 130cc or 150cc  then that’s a different story.


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  1. Jumal says:

    Congrats… set up na yan! 😉

  2. jepcel says:

    mga tol may nakita ako fury smin iba ung head light nya d sya pbilog prang patilos sya sa ilalim may nakita nba kau ganun….

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