News of developers getting concerned about Apple’s rejection of apps from the App Store is slowly getting critical press attention. It even inspired some to make the funny chart below about how Apple decides whether to accept or reject apps in their store.

And now, Apple will surely get more attention and concerns from developers, now that they are sending out rejection letters with NDA’s to developers who got their Apps rejected.


Readers should note that Apple’s developer correspondence may have already been covered by the original NDA, but Apple is now making it clear.

The strictness in Apple may be the complete opposite in Android Market which claims that an entirely unrestricted free-for-all model. Early concerns about that model question how inappropriate, spam, or malicious material may be filtered. Some developers are already excited about the ew Android Market while some like Steve Demeter already said that he’d rather continue making Apps for the iPhone than for Android-based phones.

“Do I want to be spending 6 months to write the game, and another 6 months making it compatible? If I had Trism available for Android, and there are 50 Android devices and every time one of them crashes (the users) contact me, do I want that?” says Demeter

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