100 hundred hard drives loaded with topsecret¬† information are auctioned on eBay. it have datas like test launch procedures and building blueprints for Lockheed Martin’s ground to air missile defense. The drives were part of a group of 300 hard drives (so they are the Brave 300? I wonder who’s Gerard Butler?)¬† sold on the auction site, coming from the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia. Some of them were […]

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High-capacity SSD with HD comes at a high price First glimpsed at this year’s CES, Samsung’s flagship SSD-based HMX-H106 camcorder is finally hitting the market. Camcorder fanatics can now give their pre-orders at Amazon, with a ship date set at May 22nd and price at $900. It’s an intimidating number, but the camcorder is no slouch: aside from its attention-grabbing 64GB internal SSD, it boasts full 1080p recording capabilities, well […]

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The Lego’s Millennium Falcon will cost $125 dollars less than the real price. And they also have a contest that can give you one for free if you win the contest. Sorry Guys,this is just possible for North America residents only..

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