Yes, that’s right! I used to hate PLDT for their poor service, but now they seem to s*ck no more. Yesterday, a customer support representative called, asked if she can talk to the subscriber on record – my sister which is currently in KSA, because her PLDT DSL subscription is eligible to 1.5mbps upgrade. Luckily, I already processed the transfer of ownership, allowing me to modify the subscription. According to […]

Yamaha Thailand have been creating lately, and one of their new creation is the Filano.  The first thing that enters my mind when I heard the new scooters name is that it’s an updated all new Fino 2012 but I’m wrong, as it appears that the Filano is a totally new motorcycle line. It’s like a male version of the Fiore (Thai). When you look at the Filano, the rear […]

Together with the release of Coolpix P7100, S8200, S6200, S1200pj, and S100, Nikon rolls out its first ever all weather, watherproof, point & shoot digital camera – the Nikon Coolpix AW100. As tough as it can be the Coolpix AW100 can go to extreme chills up to negative 10 degrees Celsius, can take a 5 feet drop, and can be submerged up to 33 feet under water. It have a built-in compass, and […]

Toshiba Japan just announced its upcoming line of LED TVs with built-in rechargeable battery. According to its Press Release the integrated battery could last for about two hours, just enough to watch a couple of soaps. The “Power TV” series will feature “auto signal booster” technology that promises to enhance viewing experience in poor signal areas and “auto view” function that will adjust picture automatically depending on ambient light condition.

FujiFilm wants to take a bite at Leica’s market with it’s upcoming Vintage style camera. FujiFilm FinePix looks like a medium format/range finder camera and unlike Olympus’ PEN series, the lenses are not interchangeable. However, it features a hybrid viewfinder, wide 23mm f2.0 lens that is bright enough and ISO range of 100 – 128,000 which should allow the X100 to shoot better night photos. Other features includes 12.3 APS-C sensor, […]

Photos and specs of Pentax K-5 Digital SLR just surfaced. According to an informant who happens to work on a camera store Pentax’s new SLR will feature 18-point AF, 16.2 megapixel sensor, 1080p movies at 25fps/30fps, external mic input, ISO 50-25600, Magnesium body, tampered glass covered LCD and the body is also weather resistant.

HDR (high dynamic range) Photos are images produced by mixing two photos, one over exposed and one under exposed using HDR software. Apple recently made the process automatic by introducing HDR on iOS 4.1, but how about HDR videos? HDR footages are widely done using time-lapse photography. Soviet Montage creates real HDR video using two Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR both capturing the same scene using a beam splitter. The two […]

Takara Tomy Japan entered the 3D camera arena with its “3D Shot Cam”. Not to be confused as a competitor to Fuji Films 3D Camera for its two lenses, this toy camera is for kids 12 years and up. It doesn’t have a 3D LCD screen, and photos should be printed out first and be viewed using an included image viewer. At 100grams the 3D Shot Cam is pretty light, and it […]

DpReview member Alexramos posted photos of Samsung’s upcoming mirror-less camera with interchangeable lenses. As the photo reveals, the Samsung NX100 includes a 20-50mm NX lens which doesn’t have OIS image stabilization. The second photo reveals the parts of the NX100 and like the Olympus E-P1 it doesn’t appear to have a built-in flash.

No it’s not a tilt-shift lens on an HD camcorder. The Samsung HMX-T10 Camcorder have a tilted lens not to produce exciting bokeh but to aid when using the camera for long ours. The lens is tilted upwards at 20 degrees so you can let your arms and hands relax as your elbows are on its resting position.

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